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Overview of P5 Math syllabus: 

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  1. Notate & Represent Place Values Up to 10 000
  2. Read and Write Numbers in Words Up to 1 Mil
  3. Apply Order of Operations
  4. Divide by 10, 100, 1000 & their Multiples
  5. Multiply with 10, 100, 1000 & their Multiples
  6. Solve Problem Sums Involving 4 Operations


  1. Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers
  2. Multiply Fraction by Whole Number
  3. Multiply Proper fraction & Proper Fractions
  4. Know How Fraction & Division Are Related
  5. Divide Whole Number by Whole Number
  6. Convert Fractions to Decimals and Vice Versa
  7. Multiply 2 Improper Fractions
  8. Solve Fraction Problem Sums
  1. Express rate as the amount of quantity per unit of another quantity
  2. Find rate, total amount or number of units, given any other 2 quantities
  3. Solve problem sums with proportional reasoning


  1. Add and Subtract Decimals
  2. Round Off Decimals to the Nearest Whole Number, 1 Decimal or 2 Decimal Places
  3. Multiply Decimals up to 2-digit Whole Number
  4. Divide Decimals up to 2-digit Whole Number
  5. Multiply Decimals by 10, 100 1000 and their Multiples
  6. Divide Decimals by 10, 100 1000 and their Multiples
  7. Convert Measurements of Length, Mass & Volume
  8. Solve Problem Sums Involving 4 Operations
  1. Read & Interpret a Percentage of a Whole
  2. Convert a Fraction to Percentage
  3. Convert Percentage to Fraction
  4. Express Decimals as a Percentage and Vice Versa
  5. Convert Percentage to Decimal and Vice Versa
  6. Find Discount, GST and Annual Interest
  7. Find a percentage part of a whole
  8. Solve Problem Sums Involving Percentages
  1. Notate Ratios Involving Whole Numbers
  2. Write Equivalent Ratios
  3. Divide a Quantity in a Given Ratio
  4. Simplify a Ratio
  5. Solve P5 Problem Sums Involving Ratio
  6. Find Ratio of 2 or 3 Given Quantities


  1. Identify Base or Height of Triangle
  2. Know the Properties of an Isosceles Triangle
  3. Know the Properties of a Right-Angled Triangle
  4. Know the Properties of an Equilateral Triangle
  5. Relate Area of Triangle to its Rectangle
  6. Find Area of Triangle using the Formula
  7. Solve Problems Involving Area of Triangle
  1. Draw the Top/Side/Front View of a Solid Made Up of Unit Cubes
  2. Find Volume of a Cuboid
  3. Find Volume of a Cube
  4. Find Volume of Liquid in a Rectangular Tank
  5. Convert 1 L to 1 000 cm^3
  6. Solve Problem Sums Involving Volume
  1. Find Unknown Angles using the Property “Angles on a Straight Line“
  2. Find Unknown Angles using the Property “Angles at a Point“
  3. Find Unknown Angles using the Property “Vertically Opposite Angles“
  4. Know that Sum of Angles of a Triangle
  5. Find Unknown Angles in a Triangle
  6. Know the Properties of a Parallelogram
  7. Know the Properties of a Rhombus
  8. Know the Properties of a Trapezium
  9. Find Unknown Angles in a Special Quadrilateral
  10. Identify Basic Shapes in a Composite Figure
  1. Find the Average, given Total Value & the Number of Data
  2. Find the Total Value, given the Average & the Number of Data
  3. Solve Problem Sums Involving Average



2019Henry ParkCA1P5_Maths_2019_CA1_Henry_Park_
2019ACS JuniorCA2P5_Maths_2019_CA2_Anglo_Chinese
2019ACS JuniorSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Anglo_chinese
2019Catholic HighSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Catholic_High
2019CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_CHIJ
2019Henry ParkSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Henry_Park
2019Methodist GirlsSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Methodist_Girls
2019Nan HuaSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Nan_Hua
2019Raffles GirlsSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Raffles_Girls
2019Red SwastikaSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Red_Swastika
2019Singapore Chinese GirlsSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Singapore_Chinese_Girls
2019Tao NanSA1P5_Maths_2019_SA1_Tao_Nan
2019Ai TongSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Ai_Tong
2019ACS JuniorSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Anglo_Chinese
2019Catholic HighSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Catholic_High
2019CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_CHIJ
2019Henry ParkSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Henry_Park
2019Methodist GirlsSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Methodist_Girs
2019Nan HuaSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Nan_Hua
2019Raffles GirlsSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Raffles_Girls
2019Red SwastikaSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Red_Swastika
2019Singapore Chinese GirlsSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Singapore_Chinese_Girls
2019Tao NanSA2P5_Maths_2019_SA2_Tao_Nan



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