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 Subject Levels

1. Primary School

2. Secondary School

3. Junior College

4. IB Tuition

5. IP Tuition

6. IGCSE Tuition

7. University Tuition


1. PSLE Tuition

2. O Level Tuition

3. N Level Tuition

4. A Level Tuition

5. AEIS Tuition


7. IELTS Tuition

Language Subjects

1. English 

2. Chinese 

3. Higher Chinese

4. Malay

5. Tamil

6. Hindi 

7. General Paper

 Science Subjects

1. Combined Science

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Biology

5. Elementary Math

6. Additional Math

7. Special Needs

Humanities Subjects

1. History

2. Geography

3. Social Studies

4. English Literature

5. Chinese Literature

6. Economics

7. POA

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Featured Tuition Centres

Berry Tuition Centre

Specialized in English and Math

Taiga Academy 

Specialized in O Level English and GP

Learn Art, Music, Coding and Sports 
with our Non-Academic Centres

Holistic education to develop your child’s abilities beyond the classroom.

Doodle Doodle

Learn to draw creative artworks.

1. Theme art

2. Creative art

3. Collage art 

4. Still life (new) 


Skate With Us Pte Ltd

Pick up Inline Skating today! Islandwide classes.

1. Weekend Classes

2. Holiday Programmes

3. Private Classes

4. Single Try Out Class

 Shazam Music 

Learn an instrument and start playing

1. Piano

2. Violin

3. Guitar 

4. Drums, etc….

 Code with us 

Join thousands of students and be future ready

1. Python


3. Scratch 

4. Java, etc….

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