English Audio Books


English Audio Books

Audio books can be a great learning tool for preschoolers. While not a replacement for reading a book aloud, audio books provide many benefits of their own, helping kids to expand their imagination and strengthen their listening, pronunciation, and comprehension skills.

Creepy Crawler Spiders


Learn the differences between a spider and an insect. Listen to this audio book and discover what are arachnids.





Now I Know – Washing Up


Let your children learn the importance of washing up. Regular hand washing keeps the germs any from our bodies and keep us safe from viruses. Listen and learn tips on hand washing. 





Germs are not for sharing


Germs are everywhere. Learn what actions to take after you sneeze and cough.  







Learn about crickets. What are crickets? What do you call a baby cricket? What do crickets eat? Listen and discover the mysterious world of crickets.   







Learn about ladybugs. How does the ladybug gets its spots? Where do they live and eat? Come and let’s find out.    





Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball


Guess what animal likes to curl up like a ball. Wombats are nocturnal animals that come out of their burrows to look for food during the night.     





I am responsible


“I am responsible” teaches young children how to take care of themselves through their daily activities. Their small but important jobs trains them to adopt good habits for life.      





A place to bloom



This books allows the child to connect everyday activities with the animals and nature around them. Thereafter, children will be aware of the “unseen” things and relate to them.       





In my heart



Young children are learning about their feelings and emotions as they grow. Ask how do they feel and share ways that they can help themselves. 





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