Congratulations to all PSLE 2023 students for accomplishing a significant milestone!

Secondary School life is going to be the best four years of your child’s life as they embark on another exciting milestone, carving their own identity and developing their interest holistically. To help our P6 students navigate through this exciting new journey, here are some free resources and some candid insights to the currently revamped Secondary One English (EL Syllabus). 

What will my child learn for Secondary One English? 

Starting from next year, your child will be part of the first 2024 Secondary 1 cohort to fully experience Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB), this simply means that students will be posted through Posting Groups 1, 2 and 3 respectively instead of being streamed into Express (G3), NA (G2) and NT (G1). 

What will be tested for Secondary One English (G1, G2, G3)?

Regardless of which banding your child is in, your child will be encountering these components 

  • Essay writing
  • Situational writing
  • Comprehension
  • Editing
  • Orals
  • Summary writing

The topics covered for Secondary English will include:

  • Education and the environment
  • Global issues and social trends
  • Arts and the humanities
  • Local issues, Family and Friends

What is new for Secondary English (G1, G2, G3)?

Secondary One students will be required to take English Literature as a subject (or a component under HEM for students taking G1 Humanities) and they will be exposed to genres like poetry, prose and drama. Depending on your child’s school, they will be reading different texts from familiar titles both international like Animal Farm to the Boy in Striped Pyjamas or local like Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed which essentially is a collection of three local plays especially made for lower secondary students. This is an examinable subject which most students will take some time to adjust to but it is most certainly worth it as English Literature will help your child to sharpen their analytical skills and critical thinking skills, preparing them better for challenges in this information-overload world. 


For students taking G1 Humanities, they will study Social Studies and Humanities Exposure Modules (HEM) in Geography, History, and Literature in English to give students the opportunity to gain exposure to the different Humanities disciplines.

What subjects will my child take if he or she took foundation courses at PSLE?

According to MOE, for students who took English, Mathematics and/or Science at Foundation level at PSLE, they still stand a chance to choose subjects that they can take at a G3 level (provided that they make the grade requirement) or they may still be able to take may choose to take these subjects at a less demanding level (i.e. G2), in consultation with their secondary schools.

How can I help my child prepare and excel at Secondary One English?

For a start, how about some free resources? You can download our selection of FREE testpapers

For English, your child will need to take 4 Papers and you can get some free resources for English below: 


English G3 Syllabus 1184 Paper 1: Writing

Free Model Essays

English G3 Syllabus 1184 Paper 2: Comprehension

How to score in Visual Text (With a free Visual Text Practice from St Margaret’s Secondary School Prelims 2023)

English G3 Syllabus 1184 Paper 3: Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension at Secondary Level is a whole new ball game, click here to check out the new syllabus EL 1184 Specimen English Listening Comprehension Paper

English G3 Syllabus 1184 Paper 4: Oral Examination 

As the current EL syllabus (EL 1184) is still very new, you will notice that most assessment books in bookstores like Popular are still selling the old syllabus. Fear not, at the Learning Space, we provide you firsthand insights on the new English Syllabus, you can download some of our free resources here or check out our youtube channel for more.

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Listening Comprehension – English Language O-Level Syllabus 1184 


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to O-Level Listening Comprehension for Syllabus 1184. 

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We all know how hard it is to practise for Listening Comprehension when you don’t have the resources. To help you along with your English Comprehension, we have prepared a series of English Listening Comprehension Practice for you. 


2023 English New Syllabus 1184 Listening Comprehension Specimen Paper Video/Audio

  1. Part 1: MCQ 1-6 Three Recordings
  2. Part 2: Questions 7 -12 Six Recordings
  3. Part 3: Questions 13-22 Joe Fenton
  4. Part 4: Question 23 Brasilia

Visit our youtube channel to find the audios and videos for 2023 O’Levels Listening Comprehension Specimen Paper.

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Looking for O’levels English Syllabus 1184 Oral materials?

Check out our tips for getting distinction in Planned Response and a list of O’Levels English Oral (Syllabus 1184) questions and their suggested approaches. 

Check out our O’Levels English Syllabus 1184 oral videos too 

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