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Singapore Home Tuition Rates 2021

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Level / Tutor Experience image
Part-Time Tutor
Full-Time Tutor
School Teachers
Pre-School $20-$25/h $30-$40/h $50-$55/h
Lower Primary $25-$30/h $35-$40/h $50-$60/h
Upper Primary $25-$35/h $35-$50/h $55-$70/h
Lower Secondary $25-$35/h $35-$45/h $65-$70/h
Upper Secondary $25-$40/h $45-$50/h $65-$80/h
Junior College $50-$65/h $60-$80/h $90-$120/h
IB (Primary Years) $25-$40/h $40-$50/h
IB (Middle Years) $35-$50/h $45-$80/h
IB (Diploma) $55-$70/h $70-$90/h
IGCSE 7-11 $30-$50/h $40-$70/h
Adult Language $35-$45/h $50-$60/h
Diploma/Tertiary $50-$70/h $60-$120/h  


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