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Some of the Learning Outcomes of P5 Science:

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    • Show an understanding that living things reproduce to ensure continuity of their kind and that many characteristics of an organism are passed on from parents to offspring.
    • Recognize processes in the sexual reproduction of flowering plants.
    • Recognize the process of fertilization in the sexual reproduction of humans.
    • Recognize the similarity in terms of fertilization in the sexual reproduction of flowering plants and humans.
    • State the processes in the sexual reproduction of flowering plants.
    • State the process of fertilisation in the sexual reproduction of humans


2020CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsCA12020 P5 Science CA1 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls
2020Nan HuaCA12020 P5 Science CA1 Nan Hua
2020NanyangCA12020 P5 Science CA1 Nanyang
2020CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsCA22020 P5 Science CA2 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls
2020Nan HuaCA22020 P5 Science CA2 Nan Hua
2020NanyangCA22020 P5 Science CA2 Nanyang
2020Maris StellaSA12020 P5 Science SA1 Maris Stella
2020Tao NanSA12020 P5 Science SA1 Tao Nan
2020Ai TongSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Ai Tong
2020ACS JuniorSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Anglo Chinese
2020Catholic HighSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Catholic High
2020CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsSA22020 P5 Science SA2 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls
2020Henry ParkSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Henry Park
2020Maris StellaSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Maris Stella
2020Methodist GirlsSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Methodist Girls
2020Nan HuaSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Nan Hua
2020NanyangSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Nanyang
2020Raffles GirlsSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Raffles Girls
2020RosythSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Rosyth
2020Singapore Chinese GirlsSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Singapore Chinese Girls
2020Tao NanSA22020 P5 Science SA2 Tao Nan
2019Henry ParkCA1P5_Science_2019_CA1_Henry_Park
2019ACS JuniorCA2P5_Science_2019_CA2_Anlglo_Chinese
2019Henry ParkCA2P5_Science_2019_CA2_Henry_Park
2019ACS JuniorSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Anglo_Chinese
2019Catholic HighSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Catholic_High
2019CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_CHIJ
2019Henry ParkSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Henry_Park
2019Methodist GirlsSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Methodist_Girls
2019Nan HuaSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Nan_Hua
2019Raffles GirlsSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Raffles_Girls
2019Red SwastikaSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Red_Swatika
2019Singapore Chinese GirlsSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Singapore_Chinese_girls
2019Tao NanSA1P5_Science_2019_SA1_Tao_Nan
2019Ai TongSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Ai_Tong
2019ACS JuniorSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Anglo_Chinese
2019CHIJ St Nicholas GirlsSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_CHIJ
2019Henry ParkSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Henry_Park
2019Methodist GirlsSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Methodist_girls
2019Nan HuaSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Nan_Hua
2019Raffles GirlsSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Raffles_girls
2019Red SwastikaSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Red_Swastika
2019Singapore Chinese GirlsSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Singapore_Chinese_Girls
2019Tao NanSA2P5_Science_2019_SA2_Tao_Nan


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