Video: Candidates were shown a 1-min video of robot singing and entertaining a child.

How to tackle the Oral Planned Response Question:

For planned response, students must present a 2-minute response (usually this means two PEEL Paragraphs) to answer the question. You can refer to your written notes. Use 5Ws and 1H when you are brainstorming for answers. Be certain to answer the prompt, identify keywords and present your thoughts confidently. Refer to our earlier post on O’levels 1184 Planned Response Format

Planned Response Question:

“Has your opinion of technology changed after watching the video?” Why or Why not? 

Suggested Approach

Candidates can briefly share their own or illustrate how a common opinion that most would have about technology is that it lacks authenticity. After watching the video, it seems to suggest the capabilities of robots are capable of building and genuine connections. They may point out that in this modern age with families have fewer children or how increasingly children are inundated with stress, robots can provide emotional support and can help children alleviate stress/boredom during a time of high stress such as being cooped up at home during the pandemic. 

Other candidates may posit that they still believe that virtual interactions and online experiences cannot match the depth and value of in-person interactions even after watching the video. 

Note: You should address the examiner’s question directly and focus on building two PEEL paragraphs and relate the video (briefly) to the question. The two points for your answers should not be too similar and it should have personal observations / examples. The planned response is around two mins long. (2 PEEL 1 adjective + explain with evidence)

Spoken Interaction (Technology)

  1. Can technology replace teachers? 

Suggested Approach: Candidates can start their opinion clearly and briefly explaining the context of this digital era and how with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual classrooms, and personalized learning platforms may result in some arguing that technology has the potential to replace teachers in the future. 

Candidates can share their own experiences of them being able to access information online or learn through MOOC (Khan Academy, Coursera) hence replacing the function/need of having teachers. Some may point out how youtube and other social media has provided an abundance of online resources. Those who feel that teachers cannot be replaced can cite personal examples of pastoral support they received from teachers, memories built in school, influences they felt from their teachers and how once actions of their teachers has touched their hearts, something that technology will never do. 

For well considered responses, candidates need to recognise the how certain capabilities (of teachers) can be supported by technology, however to say that it will replace would be too far fetched. 


Important Note: You should use strong expressions, provide examples / own personal experience to substantiate your points. Do not get flustered if oral examiners ask you additional questions. 

2) Technology has greatly improved teaching and learning in schools. What are your views?

Suggested Approach: 

State your stand clearly. 

Candidates should first point out what has changed with technology, some may cite technology being a facilitator or SLS/HBL which has made learning more fluid and interactive. A past and present comparison approach will be good as candidates can cite examples of how without technology, in the past, classroom learning is monotonous. Now with Kahoot! and other quiz apps, learning has been gamified.

On the flip side, technology is double edged sword which sometimes distract students, pulling them away from the learning goals or misinformation lurks and students need to know how to evaluate the reliability of a website.

Candidates need to be mindful that the question ask about ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’. On aspects of learning, candidates can point out how some apps have allowed them to break down complex content or skills into manageable chunks and how these apps using algorithms, can provide students with practice in recalling important information.


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