Situational Writing for G3 English New Syllabus 1184 – How to write a complaint letter

How to write a complaint letter for Situational Writing (G3 English Syllabus 1184) 

In G3 English Paper 1, students are expected to learn a myriad of formats from an informal email to formats like Formal Letters, Articles, Speech and more. 

As part of formal letter writing, students may be needed to write complaint letters in a variety of scenario such as giving feedback on bad service at a restaurant or a defective product that you bought from a merchant.

Complaint Letters and Email are part of Formal Letter Writing for Situational Writing (English Syllabus 1184). Whether it’s addressing issues with products, services, or experiences, the ability of students to articulate concerns in an appropriate formal tone is essential. In this article, we will provide useful phrases that you can use for writing complaint emails or letters. 

Useful Phrases for G3 English Situational Writing Complaint Formal Letters / Emails 

How do I conclude a complaint letter?  Useful Phrases for Conclusion

Hope these Situational Writing Tips have been useful.

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