How to choose a suitable secondary school for your child – Top 5 Secondary Schools in West side of Singapore


Top 5 Popular Secondary Schools in the West (Clementi / Buona Vista / Jurong)

With the release of PSLE results in 2023, most parents will be relieved to say goodbye to a significant milestone in their children’s lives and embark on four or six years journey in a Secondary School. 

What’s top on the parents’ mind would be “How do I select the right secondary school for my child?

Secondary School is a crucial juncture that shapes a student’s academic journey and personal development. Beyond academic excellence, a secondary school plays a pivotal role in nurturing a well-rounded individual, preparing them for the challenges of an ever-evolving world.

When embarking on this pivotal decision, it’s essential to consider various factors. One of the most important factors would be understanding the School’s Culture & CCA; the school’s ethos and values should align with the student’s aspirations, fostering an environment where they can thrive. Parents need to look at the CCA (niche) ranging from sports to the arts of the school. A school’s culture contributes significantly to character-building and holistic growth.

Of course, it is hard for parents to determine the quality of teaching staff, but what matter’s most to your child’s development would be a conducive learning environment, is paramount for academic success. Not all students would be comfortable to go a SAP school where there is a strong emphasis to promote the learning of (Chinese) mother tongue and (Chinese) culture. Other students may also find it hard to embrace certain attire and hairstyle requirements (like plaiting your hair every day!)

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular secondary schools in the West side of Singapore, particularly Clementi/Buona Vista and Jurong.


  1. River Valley High School 

River Valley High School (立化中学)is a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Autonomous school in Singapore.

Located at Jurong West / Boon Lay, a stone throw from the popular Jurong Point Mall, River Valley is an IP school but it has been admitting JC students via the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) from 2019. O-Level students interested in the JC route and who would like an experience in an Integrated Programme (IP) school can also apply to the school. Do note however, as a SAP school, River Valley will assess your child’s ability to cope with their RVIP Chinese Language Programme so student who take Higher Chinese in primary school will have a slight advantage.


There is NO Affiliation for this school and only PSLE students eligible for IP programme will be admitted. 

Admission Criteria: PSLE Cut Off Points for River Valley High School 2023 

Affiliated Non-affiliated
Integrated Programme 4(M) – 9(M)
Posting Group 3
Posting Group 2

Posting Group 1

Niche SPORTS: Floorball (A Division Floorball Girls: Champion), Table Tennis Championships (B Division Boys & Girls – 2nd), Netball, Badminton 

Niche ARTS/MUSIC: Chinese Orchestra (JC/Sec): Distinction, Dance, Chinese dance (Sec): Distinction

CCA available:

(Source:RV Prospectus) 

2. Anglo Chinese Secondary (Independent) IP School (International Baccalaureate) 

Located at Dover Road, just bordering Clementi, ACS Independence is a  prestigious boys school which offers O’levels and IP (International Baccalaureate) Programmes at Secondary Level. Students can gain affiliation admission for O’level track and not the IP track. 

ACS is a dual track school. IP stands for Integrated Programme – a six-year through train course. Students spend six years in ACS (Independent) and are not required to sit for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Examination (now known as Singapore-Cambridge Secondary Education Certificate Examination) except for Mother Tongue Language at Year 4 (Secondary 4). In their fifth and sixth years, IP students will do the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) which is an established pre-university course of study. ACS (Independent)’s IP students will sit for the IB Diploma Examination, not the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Examination. 


The local universities recognise and accept the IB Diploma. University admission will depend on the university and the course applied for. The IB Diploma is a very well-recognised international pre-university qualification. To help your child navigate through IB Diploma, you can reach out to our team of IB Trained Tutors who are highly experienced. Whatsapp us today for an IB Tutor. 

Admission Criteria: PSLE Cut Off Points for Anglo Chinese Independence School 2023 

Affiliated Non-affiliated
Integrated Programme

4 – 7
Posting Group 3 (Express) 7 – 13 7 – 8
Posting Group 2

Posting Group 1

Niche SPORTS: Water Polo, Basketball, Badminton, Cross Country, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Bowling, Swimming, Track 

Niche ARTS/MUSIC: Music Elective Programme 

3. Nan Hua High School

Located at Clementi Ave 1, next to Church of the Holy Cross, this is a popular feeder school for students from Nan Hua Primary School. Although the school bears no academic affiliation to Nan Hua Primary, the history and culture of these two schools largely intertwined. 

Admission Criteria: PSLE Cut Off Points for Nan Hua High School 2023 

Affiliated Non-affiliated
Posting Group 3 (Express) 6(D) – 11
Posting Group 2
Posting Group 1

Niche SPORTS: Track & Field, Softball Netball, Badminton, Table Tennis

Niche ARTS/MUSIC: Chinese Orchestra, Dance, Chinese dance, Concert Band, Choir, Harp Ensemble 

4. Commonwealth Secondary School 

Location: Jurong/West Coast (near Teban Gardens)

Admission Criteria: PSLE Cut Off Points for Commonwealth Secondary School 2023 

Affiliated Non-affiliated
Posting Group 3 (Express)

8 – 15

Posting Group 2 21 – 23
Posting Group 1

25 – 27

Niche SPORTS: Cross Country, Badminton, Netball (Girls), Basketball (Boys) & Soccer (Boys)

Niche ARTS/MUSIC: Performing Arts – Band, Choir, Malay Dance, Chinese Dance (Girls), Indian Dance, Drama

Niche COMPUTING/SCIENCE: Environmental Science / Coding


5. Fairfield Methodist Secondary School 

Location: Dover / Clementi 

Admission Criteria: PSLE Cut Off Points for Fairfield Methodist Secondary School 2023 

Affiliated Non-affiliated
Posting Group 3 (Express)

8 – 20

8 – 10
Posting Group 2

21 – 24

21 – 21
Posting Group 1 25 – 28 25 – 26

Niche SPORTS: Football, Badminton, Volleyball (Girls), Basketball (Boys) 

Niche ARTS/MUSIC: Performing Arts – Band, Choir, Modern Dance


Hope these information on PSLE cut off points are useful for parents considering Secondary One Admission.

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