English O’Levels 1184: How to answer Oral Planned Response Question 


In this new syllabus for GCE O Level English Language Paper 4, students have to present their ideas and opinions fluently and effectively to engage the listener through Planned Response. 10 out of 15 marks are allocated to delivery. Some common questions that students have would be “How then do you structure a planned response so that it can be easily understood?” Read on for our useful template to structure your planned response. 


You will watch a video which shows people watching a lion dance performance.

As you watch the video, think about how you will respond to the following prompt.

Would attending such an event appeal to you? Why or why not? 

This is a typical planned response question during Oral Examinations. On the day of your oral, you will be given ten minutes to view a video. The audio of the video is inconsequential. You should focus on the theme of the video. Candidates are expected to plan and deliver a response to a 1 minute video clip and accompanying prompt presented on a computer screen. 


How to approach the planned response question?

Step 1: Brainstorm on possible questions while watching the video. You can consider using 5Ws and 1H method. 

Step 2: Pay attention to the prompt and work your answer around it. You should have two PEEL paragraphs as part of your response, drawing reference to the video when apt. You are expected to use your own personal stories or other facts to support your opinion. 


Step 3: Consider using this template in setting up your PEEL response

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