How to get distinction for your English Oral? Insider tips from former MOE teacher

English O’levels Oral


English O’levels Oral Examination is the first paper that O’levels candidates will encounter (ironically, it is actually known as Paper 4) in their journey towards conquering the O’levels.

Oral Communication takes up 30 marks and last for a mere 20 minutes (including 10 minutes of preparation time). This year is the first year where the format has changed to a video-based stimulus as opposed to a picture-based stimulus.

Candidates will first read aloud a short text presented on a computer screen. After which, candidate will move on to the spoken interaction section where he or she will answer three questions which are thematically linked to the the earlier passage. The entire oral examination for all O’levels candidate takes place across 10 Days. The theme for each day will be rotated, so Day One could be Heritage/ Culture related question, while Day Two could be Technology.

Part One: Reading Out loud

The text may be a short narrative, news report, speech, or an announcement, or a mixture of types and forms. Candidates are assessed on their ability to accurately pronounce and clearly articulate the words in the text, and read fluently and expressively, showing an awareness of purpose, audience and context.

How do you do very well for Oral?



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It is imperative to note that when candidates are reading the passage, they must read it engagingly. A speech should sound like a speech, it should stir some emotions and not be just a monotonous regurgitation of verbatim.

2020 Schedule for English Paper Subject Code 1128

12 August 2020 to 26 August 2020 (Exams will be conducted in shifts)

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