Video: Candidates were shown a 1-min video of a group of youngsters playing a ball sport.

How to tackle the Oral Planned Response Question:

For planned response, students must present a 2-minute response (usually this means two PEEL Paragraphs) to answer the question. You can refer to your written notes. Use 5Ws and 1H when you are brainstorming for answers. Be certain to answer the prompt, identify keywords and present your thoughts confidently. Refer to our earlier post on O’levels 1184 Planned Response Format

Planned Response Question:

“Do you think the activity shown in the video has any value? Why or why not?” 

Suggested Approach

Candidates need to briefly state how the video shows participants playing ball sports which involve games and activities that revolve around using a ball as a central element. Candidates can illustrate how these activities can promote physical fitness, skill development, teamwork, social interaction, and overall well-being especially during times of stress. 

Others may argue that they feel the activity lacks value because they may lack a personal interest and may not see the appeal or value in participating in the activity. Candidates may add that such  contact sports can be violent or how it lacks intellectual value due to their own experiences. 

Note: You should address the examiner’s question directly and focus on building two PEEL paragraphs and relate the video (briefly) to the question. The two points for your answers should not be too similar and it should have personal observations / examples. The planned response is around two mins long. (2 PEEL 1 adjective + explain with evidence)

Spoken Interaction (Teamwork)

  1. Are there opportunities for you to learn to work with others? 

Suggested Approach: Candidates can start their opinion clearly and briefly explaining the avenues available to them to collaborate with others. From classroom projects, CCA to outdoor camps adventures, candidates can cite how they worked together with others such as they collaborate on projects like making videos for literature project or working together to volunteer at a home doing cleaning or similar activity.  

Important Note: You should use strong expressions, provide examples / own personal experience to substantiate your points. Do not get flustered if oral examiners ask you additional questions. 

2) Do you think schools should focus more on team or individual achievements? Why do you say so? 

Suggested Approach: 

State your stand clearly. 

Candidates should note that question is asking about what schools should focus on. For those in support of team achievements, candidates can cite examples of how focusing on team achievements benefit the school as a greater whole and how it builds towards values like a more supportive, caring society, nurturing students who focus more on collective good.

On the flip side, those in favour of individual achievements can argue that schools should dedicate more emphasis on individual achievements because in doing so, they recognises and values the unique strengths, talents, and efforts of each and every student. By acknowledging individual accomplishments, it will boosts students’ self-esteem and confidence. Candidates can explain how this mirrors the roles of schools and how school is a place where it  nurtures the unique talents of each student and empowers them to be their authentic selves hence individual achievements should take precedence. 


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