How can you enrol your children in the Gifted Education Programme in Singapore?

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The GEP programme has since garnered positive feedback and praise for effectively providing all-round development for high-ability students. A survey conducted in 2005 and 2006 revealed that majority of former GEP students gained admission into prestigious overseas universities, obtained scholarships and outperformed their peers in national exams and critical thinking tests. For parents who put their hearts and souls in preparing their children to be a “GEPPER”, this is certainly great news.

But there is a dark side to GEP.

Singapore is already a pressure cooker society and our students have reported higher than average level of anxiety compared to students of other countries. The GEP can most certainly intensify this pressure. GEP can be a potentially a double edged sword. It can have some potentially deleterious effects on your child as the programme comes with extremely high demands, if your children cannot cope with the pressure. It will most certainly break them. Some kids who had to be trained to pass the selection process could ultimately succumb to stress and low self-esteem when struggling through the primary school gifted programme.

If you think you are ready and are keen to let your children try our GEP preparation course, reach out to our strong bastion of former MOE teacher and full time GEP specialist tutors who are every ready to serve your needs online 

Please note all GEP Tuitions are conducted online only. For 1 to 1 in-person tuition for other subjects, you can contact us at here,  


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