Listening Comprehension – English Language O-Level Syllabus 1184 


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to O-Level Listening Comprehension for Syllabus 1184. 

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We all know how hard it is to practise for Listening Comprehension when you don’t have the resources. To help you along with your English Comprehension, we have prepared a series of English Listening Comprehension Practice for you. 


2023 English New Syllabus 1184 Listening Comprehension Specimen Paper Video/Audio

  1. Part 1: MCQ 1-6 Three Recordings
  2. Part 2: Questions 7 -12 Six Recordings
  3. Part 3: Questions 13-22 Joe Fenton
  4. Part 4: Question 23 Brasilia

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Should you say “I am wearing an or a uniform.” ?

Read on for the answer below. 

When do you use An or A?
Simply put, you use ‘An’ when initials sound a e i o u. In uniform ‘u’ sounds like ‘you’ which starts with ‘y’ not ‘u’ sound like the one in an umbrella. Hence a uniform is correct.’
How can you improve on your Editing? 
In O’levels English Paper 1 (1128), Editing is a weighty section worth 10 marks. Many students are unable to score a good grade for this section because they may not be familiar with some key rules of grammar. Read on for some quick tips for editing and common preposition mistakes. 

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Tips for Editing at O’Levels

(i) Prepositions of Time 

When do you use ‘In’ , ‘On’ and ‘At’ ?


  • Parts of days

Morning / Afternoon

E.g. It is 7am in the morning. 

  • Months

E.g. My birthday is in July

  • Years

E.g. I was born in the year 2005.

  • Centuries 

E.g. As we usher in the 21st Century …


  • Holidays that end with ‘day’

E.g. I was born on National Day.

  • Days of the week

E.g. I forgot that my homework was due on Monday. 

  • Days of the month 

E.g. Singapore’s National Day is on 9th August.

  • Dates 

  • Holidays without ‘day’ (Lunar New Year, Deepavali) 

E.g. I am always busy at Deepavali because I have many relatives to visit. 

  • Time (Midnight, Noon, 10am, 1pm) 

E.g.  I am going to meet my best friend for lunch at 1.30pm. 

Prepositions of Place >>  in, on, and at.


    • Neighbourhoods

    E.g. I live in Clementi 

    • Cities

    E.g. I work in London

    • Countries


    E.g. My family lives in China 


    • Streets, Avenues

    E.g. I live on the Sixth Avenue 

    • Islands

    I live on Sentosa Island

    1. Large Vehicles or surfaces 

    E.g. Train, Bus, Ship

    E.g. I lost my wallet on the train 


    • Addresses


    E.g. I live at 210 Riverdale Street 

    1. Specific Location 

    E.g. I am at home now

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