Primary 1 Registration 2022 – how many slots are left after Phase 1 in popular primary school?



Primary 1 (P1) Registration Exercise for Phase 1 started on 29 June 2022  and will close today 30 June 2022. As you should know by now, MOE has made some significant changes to this year’s registration, namely increasing vacancies in Phase 2C from 20 to 40 places in each primary school and merging Phase 2A. This means a total of 60 places (after including 20 places in set aside in Phase 2B for clan and parent volunteers) reserved places will be set aside in all schools at the start of the P1 Registration Exercise. In addition to these reserved places, one-third of any remaining vacancies at the end of Phase 2A will be allocated to Phase 2B, and two-thirds to Phase 2C. This will definitely shake things up for Primary 1 Registration this year!

Phase 1 is for those who have an older sibling at the school. Children who register under this phase are guaranteed a place at their school of choice. The pertinent question comes to mind for parents after the end of Phase 1 Registration would be “How many slots are left in popular primary schools after Phase 1?”

We take a look at the registration slots left in top ten popular primary schools in Singapore. Read on to find out:





Ai Tong School 

Available vacancies in Phase 1




Number of Applicants



122 (51% vacancies taken up)

Anglo-Chinese School Junior 210 78 (37% vacancies taken up)
Catholic High Primary School  180 70 (39% vacancies taken up)
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary) 150 60 (40% vacancies taken up)
Henry Park Primary 240 122 (51% vacancies taken up)
Nan Hua Primary 180 97 (54% vacancies taken up)
Nanyang Primary 330 165 (50% vacancies taken up)
Raffles Girls’ Primary 210 89 (43% vacancies taken up)
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 180 73 (41% vacancies taken up)
Tao Nan Primary 300 163( 54% vacancies taken up)

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