2023 GCE ‘A’ Level Exam Paper One Questions and New Syllabus 8881 in 2024


Like a whirlwind, 2023 A Levels General Paper is finally over. Before we usher in our next batch of students taking the new GP Syllabus 8881 in 2024.

Here’s a quick analysis and consolidation of questions for this year. 

This is truly a good year for most of our students, the 2023 Paper 1 Questions are almost a godsend. Our GP Tuition for J2 covered key content for at least three questions. 

What’s in store for the new GP Syllabus 8881 in 2024? 

Old GP Syllabus (ending 2023)

  • Social issues, cultural, economic, political and philosophical topics
  • Science and Tech 
  • Mathematical and geographical topics
  • Arts / Culture 
  • General / Others

New GP Syllabus in 2024

  • society and culture
  • economics
  • politics
  • the arts and humanities
  • science and technology
  • the environment
  • Current affairs

The more significant change in the new GP syllabus for Paper 1 (other than the 12 questions becoming 8 questions) is that of making environment a key focus/topic. 

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