P6 Higher Chinese


PSLE P6 Higher Chinese PSLE P6 Higher Chinese

PSLE P6 Higher Chinese eligibility criteria is intended to ensure that students can cope with the higher academic load, and takes reference from the current criteria.

For students who do not meet the below criteria, secondary schools will continue to have the flexibility to offer HMTL to students, if they are assessed to have high ability and interest in MTL and are able to take HMTL without affecting their performance in other subjects.

psle p6 higher chinese

Source: https://www.moe.gov.sg/microsites/psle/PSLE%20Scoring/psle-scoring.html


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    • 试卷一 :写作 50 分钟 40 分/40%
    • 试卷二 :语文应用与阅读理解 1 小时 20 分钟 60 分/60%
      (一) 语文应用这部分包括 A 和 B 两组。A 组考查考生应用词语的能力。考生必须根据短文的内容和上下文的意思,选出正确的词语。B 组考查考生对字的辨认以及词语应用的掌握能力。考生必须把写错的字和应用错误的词语改正过来。(二) 阅读理解(一)这部分旨在考查不同层次的思维能力,包括考查考生提取要点、确定文章主题的能力。
      (三) 阅读理解(二)这部分旨在考查不同层次的思维能力,包括考查考生归纳、概括内容的能力。

    Source: https://www.seab.gov.sg/docs/default-source/national-examinations/syllabus/psle/2020_psle_subject_info/0015_y20_sy.pdf


2023CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsSA22023 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim CHIJ St Nicholas Girls
2023Nan HuaSA22023 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Nan Hua
2023NanyangSA22023 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Nanyang
2023RosythSA22023 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Rosyth
2023Singapore Chinese GirlsSA22023 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Singapore Chinese Girls
2022CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsSA22022 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim CHIJ St Nicholas Girls
2022Nan HuaSA22022 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Nan Hua
2022Red SwastikaSA22022 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Red Swastika
2021Catholic HighSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Catholic High
2021Henry ParkSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Henry Park
2021Methodist GirlsSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Methodist Girls
2021Nan HuaSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Nan Hua
2021NanyangSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Nanyang
2021Pei HwaSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Pei Hwa
2021Raffles GirlsSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Raffles Girls
2021Red SwastikaSA22021 P6 Higher Chinese Prelim Red Swastika
2020Nan HuaSA22020 P6 HCL SA2 Nan Hua
2020Nan Hua RevisionSA22020 P6 HCL SA2 Nan Hua Revision
2020NanyangSA22020 P6 HCL SA2 Nanyang
2020Raffles GirlsSA22020 P6 HCL SA2 Raffles Girls
2020Singapore Chinese GirlsSA22020 P6 HCL SA2 SCGS
2020Tao NanSA22020 P6 HCL SA2 TaoNan
2019CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_CHIJ
2019Henry ParkSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_Henry_Park
2019Maha BodhiSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_Maha_Bodhi
2019Methodist GirlsSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_Methodist_Girls
2019Nan HuaSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_Nan_Hua
2019Raffles GirlsSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_Raffles_Girls
2019Tao NanSA1P6_HCL_2019_SA1_Tao_Nan
2019CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA1_CHIJ
2019Maha BodhiSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA2_Maha_Bodhi
2019Methodist GirlsSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA2_Methodist_Girls
2019Nan HuaSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA2_Nan_Hua
2019Pei ChunSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA2_Pei_Chun
2019Raffles GirlsSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA2_Raffles_Primary
2019Tao NanSA2P6_HCL_2019_SA2_Tao_Nan
2018Maha BodhiCA12018 P6_HChinese_CA1_Maha_Bodhi_Exam_Papers
2018NanyangCA12018 P6_HChinese_CA1_Nanyang_Exam_Papers
2018Red SwastikaCA12018 P6_HChinese_CA1_Red_Swastika_Exam_Papers
2018CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsCA12018 P6_HChinese_CA1_St_Nicholas_Exam_Papers
2018Catholic HighSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Catholic_High_Exam_Papers
2018Henry ParkSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Henry_Park_Exam_Papers
2018Maha BodhiSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Maha_Bodhi_Exam_Papers
2018NanyangSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Nanyang_Exam_Papers
2018Raffles GirlsSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Red_Swastika_Exam_Papers2018 P6_H
2018Red SwastikaSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Red_Swastika_Exam_Papers
2018CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_St_Nicholas_Exam_Papers
2018Tao NanSA12018 P6_HChinese_SA1_Tao_Nan_Exam_Papers
2018Catholic HighSA22018 P6_HChinese_SA2_Catholic_High_Exam_Papers
2018Henry ParkSA22018 P6_HChinese_SA2_Henry_Park_Exam_Papers
2018NanyangSA22018 P6_HChinese_SA2_Nanyang_Exam_Papers
2018Pei HwaSA22018 P6_HChinese_SA2_Pei_Hwa_Exam_Papers
2018Raffles GirlsSA22018 P6_HChinese_SA2_Raffles_Exam_Papers
2018CHIJ St Nicolas GirlsSA22018 P6_HChinese_SA2_St_Nicholas_Exam_Papers


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PSLE P6 Higher Chinese

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