Primary One Math

Registration of children for admission to Primary One classes in 2021 will open on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. Other than choosing the ‘right’ school, one of the questions that parents have to ask themselves is “How can we prepare our children (academically) for school?”

If you are a parent, having a child or children living in the 21st century, there are definitely a few key skills that you will most definitely need to empower them to have so that they can succeed in this digital era. Skills such as the ability to think critically and problem solving will be key.

In Singapore, in anticipation for the fourth industrial revolution, our schools are focusing on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Demand for these skills is rapidly increasing in this highly competitive future world.Learning mathematics is the foundation for every STEM education system that aims to prepare its learners for a productive life in the 21st century.Like many other countries, our children need to have a strong grounding in mathematics and a talent pool in mathematics are essential to support the wide range of value-added economic activities and innovations. Many countries are paying attention to the quality of their mathematics education. The growing interest in TIMSS and PISA speaks of the global interest and importance placed on mathematics education.




What will children learn for Math in Primary One?

The Primary 1 Maths syllabus consists of the main areas: whole numbers, money, measurement & geometry and statistics.

1. WHOLE NUMBERS: Numbers up to 100

> Children must be able to count to tell the number of objects in a given set

>Number notation, representations and place values (tens, ones)

>Reading and writing numbers in numerals and in words

>Comparing the number of objects in two or more sets

>Comparing and ordering numbers

>Patterns in number sequences

>Ordinal numbers (first, second, up to tenth) and symbols (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)

>Number bonds for numbers up to 10

2. Addition and subtraction

>Concepts of addition and subtraction

>How to use +, – and =

>Relationship between addition and subtraction

>Adding more than two 1-digit numbers

>Addition and subtraction within 100

>Adding and subtracting using algorithms

>Solving 1-step word problems involving addition and subtraction within 20

>Mental calculation involving addition and subtraction (within 20, of a 2-digit number and ones without renaming and of a 2-digit number and tens)

3.Multiplication and Division

>Concepts of multiplication and division

>Use of x

>Multiplying within 40

>Dividing within 20

>Solving 1-step word problems involving multiplication and division with pictorial representation

4.Calculation with Money

>Counting amount of money (in cents up to $1 and in dollars up to $100)

>Solving 1-step word problems involving addition and subtraction of money in dollars only (or in cents only)



4. Learn about about Measurement and Geometry Measurement

>Length – Measuring and comparing the length of objects in non-standard units

>Time – Telling time to the hour/half hour

>Shapes – Identifying, naming, describing and classifying 2D shapes (rectangle, square, circle, and triangle)

>Making or completing patterns with 2D shapes according to one or two of the following attributes size, shape, colour and orientation 4.Statistics

Data representation and interpretation

>Picture graphs – reading and interpreting data from picture graphs

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