GEP 2023 Sample Questions for Math 

It is GEP season again! One of our most popular questions we are asked by Primary 2 and Primary 3 parents are “Is there such a thing as GEP tuition in Singapore?” and “how can I prepare my children for Math GEP and what are some sample GEP Math questions that will be tested?”

To help parents gain some insights to GEP Math, we would like to share some GEP Math Questions below. That’s not all, we strongly encourage parents to sign up for our online GEP Math Boot Camp. You will get a FREE  Math Diagnostic Test when you sign up.

Our team of Math Specialists and MOE Math Teachers have been teaching GEP Preparatory Courses to children for over ten years. We provide a well researched GEP programme and curriculum that helps aspiring “GEPPERS” take the express route to understanding the GEP Programme. Now some key information before we proceed to the GEP Math Questions. 

If you are new to the GEP Programme, these are some important information you absolutely need to know. The GEP selection exercise comprises of 3 Papers (English, Mathematics and General Ability). There are two stages and if your child happen to clear both rounds, he or she will attend classes from Primary 4 to Primary 6 in one of the nine primary schools in Singapore that has GEP Programmes.

These GEP schools are:

  1. Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) (Central-Newton)
  2. Catholic High (Primary) (Central-Bishan)
  3. Raffles Girls’ Primary (West-Bukit Timah)
  4. Henry Park Primary (West-Holland)
  5. Rosyth Primary (East-Serangoon)
  6. Nan Hua Primary (West-Clementi)
  7. Nanyang Primary (West-Bukit Timah)
  8. St Hilda’s Primary (East -Tampines)
  9. Tao Nan Primary (East-Marine Parade)

At The Learning Space, our team of professional tutors and MOE Teachers provide Online GEP Intensive Tuition for parents who are keen to prepare their children for GEP Test. All GEP materials will be provided, each cycle of GEP Intensive Preparation comprises of 4 sessions of 1.5hrs per subject. Do contact us if you are keen.  

To give you a better idea of what will be tested for Math GEP, check out some sample Math GEP questions below: 

Question Type 1: The Time Question (A)

How many minutes is it before 12 noon if 32 minutes ago it was three time as many minutes past 9am?

Question Type 2: ‘Guess-What-Number’ Question

The average of three numbers is 29. The average of two of these numbers is 41. What is the third number? 

Question Type 3: ‘The Creature and Legs’ Question

Peter caught 6 spiders and dragonflies in total. The creatures have 40 legs altogether. How many spiders did Peter catch?


Question Type 4: The Time Question (B)

A water tank is connected to three taps. Tap A can fill the tank in 3 hours. Tap B can fill the tank in 4 hours. Tap C can drain the tank in 12 hours. If all three taps are turned on at the same time, how long would it take to fill the empty water tank?


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