GEP Overview and Math Sample Questions – What will be tested?


Gifted Education Programme (GEP) – Math Sample Questions

Background:The GEP is a programme that caters for the needs of intellectually gifted students. Students are identified for the GEP by the Ministry of Education through a 2-stage exercise in Primary 3. Selected students will be invited to join the programme, which begins in Primary 4 and ends in Primary 6. The enriched GEP curriculum covers the same content areas as those in the mainstream, but is extended in breadth and depth.


GEP Selection Test – What is tested?

Primary Three Students will receive a letter like this at the start of the year, inviting students to sit for GEP Identification Exercise. 

Overview: What will be tested in the GEP Math screening test?

The GEP Math screening test is tested across two papers.

For math, the scope of topics will cover those that Primary 3 students learn in their math syllabus, which includes:

  • Whole Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Measurement (Length, Mass, Volume)
  • Time
  • Area and Perimeter (rectangle/square)
  • Angles (basic concepts of right angle, acute angle)
  • Perpendicular & Parallel Lines (basic concepts)
  • Bar graphs

Some of the questions will be very tough and require some creativity or advanced problem-solving skills to answer. However, they will not require concepts that P3 students have not learnt, for example, algebra or speed. Try out some of the GEP Screening Test sample questions after reading this article!

GEP Selection Round Mathematics Paper

The paper structure varies from year to year, there is no fixed format. Students need to be focused and have stamina to answer the questions within the given duration. See below for sample question. 

The Math paper requires strong Higher Order Thinking skills and will include Multi-Step Problems

Your child needs to exercise Critical Thinking Skills to understand the questions deeply and solve them.

There might be questions on Number Patterns that require Counting and Creativity. Or Practical Application of Combinatorics such as the Pigeonhole Principle. Or Logic Problems that require Strong Logical Reasoning Abilities!

Give this FREE sample GEP Selection Round Math question Give it a shot!

GEP Selection Round General Ability (Mathematics) Paper

Typically, 30 to 40 questions are included. They could include questions on:

  • Patterns: Finding the odd one out, forming sets and more
  • Spatial Awareness: Rotation and reflection of objects, 3D shapes, etc.
  • Logical Reasoning

Your child needs good ‘Math Sense’ for the General Ability Math paper. Reach out to our GEP Math Specialist and find out how you can help your child prepare for GEP ( GIFTED EDUCATION PROGRAMME IDENTIFICATION EXERCISE) 

Try out this General Ability Math question that involves Pattern recognition! What is your answer, and why?

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