PSLE English Oral




PSLE English Oral


2019 Preliminary Oral Topics

These are the PSLE English Oral Preliminary topics my students faced this year. Many schools had the same topics and questions were also similar

All the best for the PSLE Oral!

ACS Junior / Southwest / Alexandra 

Theme: Addiction to Gadgets

Picture: Talk about gadget addiction

1) Would you take part in this talk

2) Do you own a phone?

3) Do you think that children should have a phone?

1) How can we stop people from gadget addiction?

2) How to prevent someone from looking at their gadgets when walking?

3) Why is gadget addiction bad?

SCGS / Lakeside / etc

Theme: Heritage Tour

Picture: Heritage tour poster (old housing/ jobs of the past/ picture of a kampong)

1) Would you take part in this tour?

2) What is a school field trip you have been on? / Tell me about a learning journey that you have been on.

3) Would you prefer to go on a trip with your friend or with your family?

Pei Hwa PPS

Theme: Talent Show

Picture:  People doing tricks and dancing, Attractive prizes

1) Would you be interested to participate in this activity

2) What are some of your strengths?

3) Have you ever gone to a competition or show before?


Theme: Contest

Picture: Photography Contest on Nature

1) Are you interested to join this contest?

2) What are your interests?

3) Competitions are all about winning. Do you agree?

Nan Hua / Pei Chun / CHS / MGS

Theme : Being gracious

Picture: Poster of Keeping the food centre clean and putting away the trays.

1) Is this poster effective?

2) Why do you think that it is important to keep the food centre clean?

3) What would you do

Theme: The elderly

Picture: Old people engaging in different activities. Exercising, computer classes, art classes, music classes

1) Would you encourage the elderly to join these activities?

2) Would you form a club for the elderly?

3) Which home would you volunteer for? A Children’s Home or a Home for the Elderly?

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