Chen Hui 

“My grade for GP was U when I started. One term later, it  went up to D and finally a B for my A’Levels.” 

JAson Tan

“Lessons are enjoyable and my tutor is very experienced. I prefer the online tuition because it is convenient for me and I can have tuition anywhere.”

Parents of Jessica Lim mei’er

“I needed a teacher not just a tutor who can teach IP school students. Not easy to find a tutor who can teach IP Language Arts but finally found one here. Highly recommended “


“我是陪读妈妈。在新加坡让孩子上了这里一对一补习AEIS 网课。 没想到一年的线上课程,孩子英文突飞猛进,考上了理想中学。我得开心!跟周老师学了一年进步蛮大的,谢谢了”