Word Problems on Number Operations


Word Problems on Number Operations

A number is a figure or a value to denote the count or quantity of something. The counting numbers or natural numbers include the numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, etc and are the fundamental of a number. Arithmetic is the elementary branch which studies about numbers, their properties, and arithmetical operations.

There are basically four operations: additions (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×) and division (÷). Each operation helps us to calculate how more or less an object than the other. Let’s practice how to solve word problems using these arithmetical operations.

Word Problems Examples

Example 1: Mr Lee won a lottery of cash prize $157 800. He deposited the amount in his bank account. If he had $45 000 in his account, what is his current bank balance?

Word Problems

Solution: We have to find the total amount in Mr Lee’s bank account.


Amount of cash Mr Lee won by lottery = $157 800

Amount Mr Lee had before winning lottery= $45 000

Total amount Mr Lee have after winning lottery= $157 800 + $45 000 = $202 800

Mr Lee has $202 800 as his current balance.


Example 2: Mdm Tan bought a car for $375 000. After three years she sold her car and bought a new car for $830 000. How much more has Mdm Tan paid for her new car?

Solution: We have to find the price difference.


Cost of old car = $375 000

Cost of new car = $830 000

Price difference between new car and old car = $830 000 – $375 000 = $455 000

Mdm Tan has paid $455 000 more for her new car.


Example 3: Peter is a bookworm. He has a home library and he arranges 483 books per shelves. If there are 32 shelves like this, how many books are there in Peter’s library?

Word Problems



Total no. of shelves = 32

No. of books per shelve = 483

Total no. of books in the library = 483 x 32 = 15456

Peter has 15456 books in his library.


Example 4: A shoe factory manufactured 66250 shoes in 250 days. How many shoes did it manufacture per day?



Total no. of shoes manufactured= 66250

Total no. of days taken to manufacture 66250 shoes = 250 days

No. of shoes manufactured per day= 66250 ÷ 250

Word Problems on Number Operations

Hence, factory-produced 265 shoes per day.



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