IB Tuition in Singapore – ACS International Baccalaureate Tuition for IP Language Arts and Literature


IP English Language Arts/ Literature Tuition in Singapore for ACS IB Programme / MGS IB / SJI IB Integrated Programme / HCI International 

Mode of Tuition: Online (Group or Individual) or In-Person Tuition 
Who can join?  ACS / MGS / SJI / HCI International Baccalaureate Students 

Ace Your IP Language Arts and Literature today! 
Our IP Language Arts/ Literature Classes are specially curated to help Secondary/IP students to cope with the demanding nature and rigour of Language Arts at IP1 and IP2/ Literature for Secondary 1-4.

What will be covered in our classes:
✅ unseen prose and poems analysis and practice
✅ literary devices and analysis techniques
✅ annotation and guided text analysis of student’s literature text ( Malgudi Days, Animal Farm, Desmond Sim: Student Plays, An Inspector Calls and more)
✅ exam preparation 

Ace Your IP Language Arts / Literature Exam Lower Secondary (ACS Syllabus)
Learn important techniques to ace your language arts!
✅How to score for Paper One 
✅ Master poetry and understand Important literary devices
✅Correct application of literary devices to analyse prose/poetry/literature texts
✅Learn Effective annotation methods for songs / lyrics analysis 
✅ Presentation skills 
✅Learn to do effective analysis for literature texts e.g. Animal Farm, Malgudi Days, An Inspector Calls and more  

Fees: $120 per lesson (1.5hrs per session) (materials included), payment on a monthly basis 

Conducted by our team of qualified and professional English and Literature Teachers

Group Online: School Term Tuesdays Evening (5.30pm to 7pm or 7.30pm to 9pm) or Sundays (1pm to 2.30pm) OR 1 Online Lesson (own time, own tutor), In-person 1 to 1 tuition also available, please whatsapp 9364 6977

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