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G3 Humanities Elective (Social Studies, Literature in English (Syllabus 2262) SEC Exam and O’Levels Literature

Most secondary students know the importance of getting good grades especially when they are in Secondary Two as their grades will determine their choices or eligibility for subjects that they can take at Upper Secondary. Like its predecessor O’Levels, the new SEC Exam system (jointly provided by Singapore MOE and Cambridge) will also require students to have a humanities subject. When G3 students reach Sec 3, they will have to choose an humanities subject that they will pair with Social Studies which is a compulsory module. 

One of the available humanities elective for students taking G3 Humanities Elective is Social Studies and Literature in English. Although this is a popular combination particularly in the all boy school like Anglo Chinese Secondary or girls school like Crescent Girls, CHIJ schools, yet many students struggle with this subject and find it challenging to score. This is why most students look for English Literature Tuition and Language Arts Tuition in Singapore. But it is indeed hard to find experienced and good tutors given the fact that literature texts vary from schools and changes with time. If you are looking for literature tuition, contact us today and we will link you up with a professional teacher today. 

What is O’Levels or SEC Elective Literature? 

For students taking O’levels or SEC Elective Literature in Singapore, only one paper will be set (Paper 2262/02). Candidates are expected to answer a total of two questions. Total examination time will be 1 hr 40 minutes. There are two sections in the paper, Prose and Unseen Poetry, both takes a equal weightage of 25% each. 

In today’s blog we will examine Paper 1 of O’Levels Literature. What are some literature text that you can look forward to in G3 Humanities Elective (Social Studies and English Literature, Syllabus 2262)? 

There are some exciting titles available, one particularly stands out is the book, “How We Live Now” . This is a popular literature text as it focuses on Singapore Literature. Yu-Mei Balasingamchow (ed.): How We Live Now’ is also a literature text for Pure Literature students taking Literature in English (Syllabus 2065). 

What are the stories in the Literature Text ‘How We Live Now’?

Short Stories in ‘How We Live Now’ and Literature Notes for How We Live Now

  • Painting the Tiger by Philip Jeyaretnam
  • Close to Home by Jinny Koh
  • Fireworks by David Chua
  • Live! At the West Market by Anittha Thananbalah
  • Letters by Jessica Tan
  • The Thing by Yeoh Jo-Ann
  • Child’s Play by Patrick Sagaram
  • The Missing Clock by Yolanda Yu Miaomiao (Translated from the Chinese by Jeremy Tiang)
  • Before the Valley by Rachel Heng 

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